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Permanent hedge privacy slats create a natural hedge look on chain link fence. Our hedge requires no maintenance, water or trimming! The core is made with two 16 gauge galvanized wires twisted together. Fits most mesh sizes, including 1 3/4", 2", 2 1/4" and 2 3/8" mesh. The smaller the mesh size, the more privacy our slats will provide.

Installation: Our privacy hedge slats install vertically from top to bottom. Click here for installation instructions.
Coverage: One box covers overs about 10 lineal feet of fence.
Maintenance: Forevergreen hedge is virtually maintenance-free!
Slats Per Box: Each box contains 82 Forevergreen slats.
Protection: Slat bristles are UV stabilized and are flame retardant.
Color: PVC needles have a beautiful, natural blue spruce color.
Warranty: Slats have a 10-year limited pro-rated manufacturer's warranty.

Forevergreen Privacy Hedge Specifications
Wire: 16 gauge galvanized. This is heavier than any other hedge produced.
Film: 5-6 pvc micross. This is according to industry standards.
UL Recognition (Film): ASTM DI E 52 PSI
Heat Distortion Temp: ASTM D882 6800 PSI
Flammability: UL 48 VTM-1
Resistance to Grease, Fats and Oils: ASTM D722 Excellent
Resistance to Acids: ASTM D534 Excellent
Resistance to Alkalies: ASTM D534 Excellent
Hazardous Ingredients: None. Film is self extinguishing if involved in fire sustained by other fuel should it ignite. It will give off black smoke, but only in areas where fire is generated by outside sources.
Toxicity Test: Non toxic. Not listed by OSIIA, WOT, or as IARC as carcinogen.
Waste Disposal: Landfill in compliance with local regulations recommended. If incinerator must comply with Federal, State, and Local regulations.
Transportation Regulatory: Not required by DOT.
SARA Health Hazards: Acute (no) Chronic (no) Flammability (no) Pressure (no) Reactivity (no)
Technical Data
Pentalan Rigid Vinyl T F 401
Film and Sheet

To download a copy of these specifications, click the link below.
Specifications PDFblue spruce