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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


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How long is the Forevergreen warranty?
Forevergreen privacy hedge includes a 10-year limited pro-rated manufacurer's warranty.

How many hedge slats will I need for my fence?
Each bundle of our durable hedge covers about 10 lineal feet of chain link fence.

What colors does it come in?
Our hedge slats are a beautiful Blue Spruce color.

What kind of privacy does it provide?
Depending on the mesh size of your chain link fence, Forevergreen would provide a 90-100% privacy factor.

What height do I need to buy?
If your fence is 4' high, you need to order 4' high hedge. It's that easy!

Where do I buy?
We have a list of approved distributors on our Where to Buy page, located on the right-hand side of this page. We recommend purchasing Forevergreen from an approved dealer, as there are many knock-offs that aren't nearly as nice.

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