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Finally, a hedge that's virtually maintenace free!

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Forevergreen Privacy Hedge Slats

Turn your yard into a beautiful green villa with Forevergreen privacy hedge slats. These blue spruce fence slats are easy to install and allow you to block out noise, traffic, unsightly objects, and nosey neighbors in a fashionable, economical way.

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ForeverGreen Privacy Slats

Forevergreen is sold in a variety of heights suited for an array of applications. Check out these sizes we have in stock:

Height Coverage per Box
3' 10' Lineal Feet
3.5' 10' Lineal Feet
4' 10' Lineal Feet
5' 10' Lineal Feet
6' 10' Lineal Feet
7' 10' Lineal Feet
8' 10' Lineal Feet
10' 10' Lineal Feet
12' 10' Lineal Feet

Don't see what you're looking for? Custom sizes are available! Please contact us for a price quote.

Permanent Forevergreen Hedge slats create a natural hedge look on chain link fence. They require no maintenance, water, or trimming. The core is made with two 16 gauge galvanized wires twisted together. Our slats fit most mesh sizes: 1 3/4", 2", 2 1/4" and 2 3/8". The smaller the mesh size, the more privacy they provide. The Hedge transforms open-space chain link fence into a beautiful, private, protective enclosure. The hedge blends well into any landscape and provided about 95% privacy. Enjoy the rich colors and quality of privacy hedge slats! One box covers approximately 10 lineal feet.

Forevergreen Chain Link Fence Privacy Slats

You may be asking yourself, who else sells privacy hedge slats? Is ForeverGreen truly the right hedge slat for me? Check out our handy comparison chart that shows you the specs of the leading hedge privacy slats, including HedgeLink, Dura Hedge and ForeverGreen.

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