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What is fence hedge?

Fence hedge is a product that slips into a chain link fence and provides privacy without the tackiness. The manufacturing of fence hedge is similar to the way they make Christmas tree branches, but a much stiffer wire is used. The green material used for the bristles is UV rated so that the sun cannot fade it. Our fence hedge is a fantastic product that has been shipped all over the world, and has been used in all sorts of applications.

Forevergreen has been installed at high school baseball fields, college baseball fields, corporate yards, residential backyards, commercial trash dumps, and industrial parkways. This hedge has such a beautiful look that no matter where the location, it will look great while keeping your property private. Depending on your mesh size, our fence hedge has an approximate 95% coverage rate. This high number makes Forevergreen the most-shielding hedge privacy slat for chain link fence available.